Grass-Fed Beef for Sale

grass-fed cattle


We raise grass-fed beef on our New Jersey farm.  The seven cattle roam our fields, chomping on whatever grass happens to be in their reach. When the weather dictates, we supplement the grass with hay. This means our cattle are not fed 100% organic food. Heck, when the weather is nasty (as it can be in New Jersey), we give them a little grain. They love it!

These bovine live a stress-free existence. They sometimes share their fields with a horse or two. They are never forced into small pens or dark barns, although they have a roomy shed where they can get out of the rain and snow should they want to. And when the time comes, we make sure they don’t spend more than a few hours at the slaughterhouse. And the guy who takes care of this is humane and kind.

Beef for Sale

Grass-fed cattle

We sell the beef by quarter animal. This means anyone interested in buying it should have a good-sized freezer or a few friends who want to share. The cattle are butchered traditionally, with roasts, steaks, ribs, and lots of ground beef.

We charge $00.00 per pound, and we estimate that our beef this year will weigh about 000 pounds.