A Note from Mary

img_26131Welcome to my website. I am a writer who specializes in food, although I love to write about other topics. I am most intrigued by what makes people passionate about their subject or field of interest, and like to help them express themselves.

My body of work represents this. I have written books with high-end chefs with complicated (yet amazing) recipes. Chefs like Graham Elliot and Richard Blais. I’ve written a book celebrating singer Sheryl Crow’s favorite healthful dishes, and one where Chef Art Smith explains how he got healthy. I have written extensively about meat… and extensively about chocolate. I have written about how to make cocktails and how to stage your house to sell it. Go to “About Me” to discover more.

I write a blog from this site–a blog that talks a lot about food and farming, and also touches on some aspects of my life. With my seven brothers and sisters, I own a farm in northwestern New Jersey, which is home to more than 30 rescue horses (mostly thorough and standard breds) and a few beef cattle.  The horses belong to our tenants who know more about horses than most people do, and the cattle are ours. I don’t actually work in the fields, but I support everyone who does!

You’ll also read about my brothers and sisters, who share the responsibility for our farm. And then there is my daughter, Laura, her husband, Brian, and child Mary (apple of my eye).

I don’t live on the farm, but visit as often as I can. I live on the Connecticut coastline, not too far from New York City.

Thanks for visiting,